The Land without Color

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The Land without Color by Benjamin Ellefson
Alvin from The Land without Color

Alvin is an average boy who loves to play games and use his imagination. But when his parents give him a pack of never-popping gum, he embarks on an adventure that’s beyond his wildest dreams. Blowing an enormous bubble, Alvin finds himself floating high above the clouds until he finally lands in a strange world where everything is gray—the trees, the animals, and even the people. As Alvin explores this ironically named Kingdom of Color, he learns about the color-stealing Goblins and sets out on a journey to rescue the Princesses and restore color to the land.


Permiella is the daughter of Graytail of the Red Berry Forest. Permy, as her friends call her, always likes to be prepared. Learning from her wise father, she follows the squirrel ways and buries acorn pails filled with anything she might need later. And it’s a good thing she does, for many years into the Great Grayness, she still has a good supply of canned fruits and vegetables waiting to be eaten. Now she waits for the right time to share her saved bounty.

Permy from The Land without Color
Ronaldo from The Land without Color


Ronaldo P. Mouse is a field mouse of Vegetable Valley. Long ago, he and his family discovered the secrets of the color drains while searching for food. Since then, he spends his days in the Marketplace of Color trying the spread the word about eating nutritious, homegrown fruits and vegetables. But in the hustle and bustle of the market, few people listen to such a little mouse.

King Fabian

King Fabian is the wise ruler of the Kingdom of Color. Since the Great Grayness befell the land, the kind and generous King has been helping his people by giving free ice cream and candy to all of those who can’t grow their own color. However, the great stress of the gray plague made the King’s skin green and wrinkly, and when the Goblins attacked and kidnapped the twin princesses, Gwendolyn and Sapphire, he changed completely into a giant painted turtle. Now he leads the elite Crimson Guard, hunting the color-stealing Goblins while providing the only beacon of color in the gray land.

King Fabian from The Land without Color
General Droww from The Land without Color

General Droww

General Droww is the son of Will the Great, the hero of the Color Wars. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Army as soon as he could. With his victories in the Great Sugar War, he became the youngest General in the army. After the war, King Fabian charged him with creating the Crimson Guards and the Royal Police Force. However, he grew discontent, and left after thirteen years to create the Color Factory. No one has heard from him since.

Old Lion

The Old Lion is a hero of the Great Sugar War, having served under General Droww. An enormous beast with golden fur and a thick brown mane, he stands almost twice as tall as the average man. With a mouth large enough to swallow anyone in a single bite, he is a gentle soul that lives to protect the weak and keep peace. After a falling out with General Droww when he created the Color Factory, the Old Lion disappeared.

The Old Lion from The Land without Color
Gwendolyn Sapphire from The Land without Color

Princess Gwendolyn and Princess Sapphire

Princess Gwendolyn and Princess Sapphire are the twin daughters of King Fabian. Gwendolyn rules from her tall tower in the Red Berry Forest, and her sister Sapphire rules from her tower in the Vegetable Valley. These young girls are loved by everyone throughout the land. Ever since the beginning of the Great Grayness when were each kidnapped by the Goblins, the Crimson Guards have been scouring the Kingdom looking for them. Now they are waiting to be rescued from the hands of the color-stealing Goblins.