The Great Sugar War

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The Great Sugar War by Benjamin Ellefson
Otto from The Great Sugar War


When he receives a boat for his twelfth birthday, Otto sets sail for the afternoon on his maiden voyage. But when a storm hits, he is lost at sea for days. He soon rescues Colonel Droww and discovers the ironically named Kingdom of Color. Before he knows it, he is inducted into the Army of Color and participating in a great war against the Kingdom of Shapes. Otto soon discovers that war is not like he thought and has to use all of his wits to survive against the new army of sugar soldiers.

Aunt Nellie

Nellie Trailbender is an old woman living in the Grasshopper Fields who everyone affectionately calls “Aunt Nellie”. An independent sole, she stays out of the long running military conflict between the Kingdom of Color and the Kingdom of Shapes. Instead, she uses her time to try to teach the stubborn grasshoppers to live in harmony with both colors and shapes. To think of the future and take care of yourself through preparedness.

Aunt Nellie from The Great Sugar War
Colonel Droww from The Great Sugar War

Colonel Droww

Colonel Droww is the son of Will the Great, the hero of the Color Wars. He is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a great military leader. When war broke out, he raced to enlist in the army with his rival Colonel Grivelt. Now he leads his forces trying to defeat the enemy while attempting to become the youngest General in history.

The Mighty Lion

The Mighty Lion is the protector of the Red Berry Forest. Standing almost twice a tall as the average man, he is an huge beast with golden fur and thick brown mane. While is exterior is terrifying and vicious, inside he is a gentle soul who detests any person who would harm another. He uses his mighty roar to strike fear in the hearts of the wicked. Ever since his reign began, the Red Berry Forest has been a colorful lush paradise for all the woodland creatures.

The Mighty Lion from The Great Sugar War
Colonel Grivelt from The Great Sugar War

Colonel Grivelt

Colonel Grivelt is an officer in the Army of Color. He is a giant bear who always wears a wide brimmed hat. Attending the military academy with Colonel Droww, he is always competing with his rival and trying to outdo him at every turn. He leads his forces in the war with the sole goal of become a General before Droww.

King Fabian

King Fabian is the heartbroken ruler of the Kingdom of Color. When he gave his queen a magnificent boat for her birthday, tragedy struck. Vile agents from his the Kingdom of Shapes struck and burned the boat at sea, killing all aboard including the queen. Now he rages a long war to seek vengeance and destroy the rival kingdom once and for all.

King Fabian from The Great Sugar War
King Rhombus from The Great Sugar War

King Rhombus

King Rhombus is the ruler of the Kingdom of Shapes just south of the Grasshopper Fields. He lives in a gray, colorless land decorated with magnificent shapes. Through his reign, he has constructed a marvelous metropolis of shapes with towering sky-scrappers of intricate design. He has a long standing hatred of the Kingdom of Color and has spent much effort trying to convert the grasshoppers to the way of shapes. Now he is engaged in a full scale war against King Fabian.