The Collapsing Kingdom

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The Collapsing Kingdom by Benjamin Ellefson
Brandon from The Collapsing Kingdom


Brandon is the grandson of Alvin and the great, great grandson of Otto. Having descended from two heroes of the Kingdom of Color, he has a lot to live up to. But he has listened to the stories of his grandfather and great, great grandfather. And he has learned his lessons on the importance of being prepared and eating your vegetables. Now that the land is crumbling away to nothing and the grayness has returned, he is ready for his turn to rescue the princesses and save the kingdom.


Scout is a bald eagle living in the wilderness of the Kingdom of Color. Ever since he was a small eaglet in the nest, he learned the importance of being prepared. When he grew up, he made a collection of nests high in trees across the kingdom. In each nest he stockpiled supplies he might need in the future.

Scout from The Collapsing Kingdom
Steven from The Collapsing Kingdom


Steven is Brandon’s best friend. Living across the street, the two were always hanging out together. They were the leaders in the neighborhood organizing games of kick-the-can or fishing trips. When things get rough, he is the only person that Brandon trusts to help him.

Miss Carter

Miss Carter is Brandon’s teacher in school. Since he is normally bored and doesn’t pay too much attention, he never gave much thought to her. She was just another teacher in school. That is until he so proudly described how his Grandpa Alvin ended the Great Grayness by rescuing the princesses and defeating the vile vipers. It was then that she so viciously punished him and threatened to turn him into King Fabian for treason. She is dedicated to her students, but seemingly more dedicated to something else.

Miss Carter from The Collapsing Kingdom
Officer Reed from The Collapsing Kingdom

Officer Reed

Officer Reed is the school security guard. He was responsible for making sure every student attends every class to learn what was required. The students made fun of him behind his back, but they also feared him and knew not to mess with him. When Brandon skips school to find proof of his Grandpa Alvin saving the kingdom and ending the Great Grayness, he finds out the hard way how seriously Officer Reed takes his job in an endless pursuit.

King Fabian

King Fabian is the long ruling leader of the Kingdom of Color. It has been many years since Grandpa Alvin saved the kingdom and returned King Fabian to human form. During those years, the king has withdrawn from the public eye. He has quietly sat on his throne, slowly increasing his power. Now as the land is beginning to collapse around the kingdom, he has changed into a turtle again. But not just any turtle, a robot turtle.

King Fabian from The Collapsing Kingdom
Grandpa Alvin from The Collapsing Kingdom

Grandpa Alvin

Grandpa Alvin is the grandfather of Brandon. He is a gentle old man who loves spending time working in his vegetable garden. Long ago, he floated into the Kingdom of Color on a giant bubblegum bubble in the middle of the Great Grayness. Brandon is so proud to hear the stories of how he rescued the princesses and restored the color to the land by defeating the evil snakes. But now in Brandon’s hour of need, Grandpa Alvin has gone missing. Disappearing into a bottomless void.