Benjamin Ellefson Book Club

Do you love to read middle grade books? Let’s read them together! Then we can discuss each exciting book on my Facebook Group.

All you need to do to participate is buy this month’s book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your nearest bookstore. Or check it out from your school or local library. Then read it throughout the month.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. At the end of the month, we can discuss our favorite characters, scenes, or anything else from the book on the Benjamin Ellefson Fan Club Facebook Group.

August’s Book:

James and the Giant Peach
by Roald Dahl

Discover the Roald Dhal classic of little orphan James escaping the horrible life of toil living with his two nasty aunts when he discovers some magic crystals. The crystals create a ginormous peach, bigger than a house that James climbs inside, rolls down the hill, and into the ocean.

There he embarks on a wondrous journey with a collection of silly characters such as a spider, ladybug, grasshopper, glowworm, silkworm, and a centipede with a hundred gorgeous shoes. Their fun-filled adventures across the Atlantic will inspire the imagination of readers young and old.

Paperback: 144 pages

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
A sugar lion from The Land without Color

Past Book Club

Past Book Club books will be listed here so that you can go back and read any of these awesome books.

The gnome vault in The Great Sugar War